HoG Nerf, Fiddlesticks a support, Tanky Dps Nerfs. ApCarry+GoodEarly.

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HoG Nerf, Fiddlesticks a support, Tanky Dps Nerfs. ApCarry+GoodEarly.

Post  kingpat on Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:54 am

HoG Nerf
So heart of gold is getting nerfed pretty hard. It will not have any armor on it anymore.
Will we still be picking up HoG's, or will the item disappear and never be seen again.
I have a feeling that the item will just disappear unless they adjust the Gp5 and also make it cheaper(Which I'm sure it will be cheaper). Also do you guys think Kage's Pick and Avarice Blade will be getting picked up more. (Expect Avarice will likely be getting picked up less)

Fiddlesticks as a support? Possibly.
Now this is something that i was thinking about for a few days now. Fiddlesticks has an AoE Silence and also a long+hard fear. His CD's are somewhat low(Meh, maybe low to medium cool down range). He also has a high damage ult which sure it can be canceled easily and sure he can be focused.
But by building him support (Aegis/HoG(Pre-Nerf), Abyssal Scepter, and then picking up a Hourglass and maybe a shroud he can push out some decent damage and also be able to be a walking cc + focus stick. But this would definitely take some more time to ramp up then most supports and he would most definitely not be able to lane with a carry bottom lane.

Tanky DPS Nerfs?
I wonder how this will play out. I feel with tanky dps getting nerfed this will open up more interesting team comps(Two support,One tank,Ad hard carry,Ap carry). I think I will feel more comfortable without tanky dps after the upcoming patch. With them losing a lot of their damage(IMO) when not building offense will open them up as an easier focus(Because IMO, they will be picking up more offense items maybe?) and bringing back the ranged DPS carry FOTM. I feel that endgame teams will be the best comps to run.

Many times I play an AP carry, I will have a great/good early game. But do you build to press this early game advantage or build for the endgame?

I have always questioned this, I'm playing Annie for example and I pick up a few good early game kills(Kills before 20mins into the game) - Do I continue to try rushing death cap or should I pick up my sorc boots early with a haunt guise as well. I have tried doing both but I am never sure which one to use. Any opinions on this? Sometimes I feel if I don't start working the enemy team hard with my early sorc boots and haunting guise then the build has went to waste and I am now behind on the endgame. But other times I pick these same items up and we win it in the early game. Many people say that AP carries start to die down endgame but do extremely good in the early to mid game.(Since health pools get larger and people start to pick up banshees/mr items)

ALSO, start using the forums please. I would like to show this forum to sponsors to show them that we are active and also allow other players to come on here and read up on stuff. Please, get everyone signed up on the forums.


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